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Note to Sellers:

Quality Consignments are Always Welcome! We also offer Cash Buy outs!

Most of the items that we sell at auction are consigned. We also offer buy outs, paying cash for your items! You may want to consign at auction to settle an estate, barn contents, storage units, move shop inventory, or liquidate personal property. We can meet the needs of individuals with only one or two items to sell, or the executor of an estate with an entire household to liquidate. We specialize in antique and vintage items as well as general merchandise. We offer a mix of guns, ammo, coins, jewelry, hunting, fishing, antiques, collectibles, vintage items, tools, furniture, household items, etc. 


You can bring your items to Premier Auction Saturdays 10-4.  Please call ahead if you have a large consignment.  We will accept consignments on Mondays by appointment only.

Premier Auction can also pick your items up. We have 2-24 foot trailers ready to load up!  Any fees will be deducted from the proceeds.



Our commission rates are on a sliding scale. PER ITEM!

  • 35% for $1.00 to $10.00.
  • 30% for $10.01 to $99.00
  • 25% for $100.00 – $500.00
  • 20% for $501.00-2000.00
  • 15% for 2001.00-5000.00
  • 10% for 5001.00-99999.00

Checks will be ready EVERY TUESDAY FROM 2-4 following each auction. You can pick up the check during those times or it will automatically be mailed by Thursday of that week.



We will only accept merchandise that is in good working order and ready for sale. Because of today’s economy, buyers are more selective about what they are buying. In an effort to satisfy both our consignors and buyers we have compiled a list of what is currently selling best here in north Idaho:

  • Guns, Ammo & Related Items
  • Coins
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Sports Cards & Memorabilia
  • quality antique and vintage furniture
  • pottery
  • glassware
  • porcelain
  • antique and vintage jewelry
  • better quality mid-century modern items
  • farm and country collectibles
  • antique and vintage toys
  • dolls
  • jewelry & vanity items
  • Hunting/Fishing Related items
  • post cards/stamps
  • interesting documents
  • advertising
  • items of local interest
  • carpets
  • textiles
  • silver
  • memorabilia
and many related items




As we only want to present merchandise that we know our buyers are looking for, we cannot accept the following items:

  • no garage sale leftovers
  • clothing
  • used bedding
  • hygiene related products
  • stuffed toys
  • typewriters (after 1945)
  • most exercise equipment (high-end okay, treadmills etc)
  • TV’s (flat screen ok)
  • console TV’s
  • modern irons/ironing boards
  • newer National Geographics/Readers Digest etc
  • fiber board furniture
  • newer odd ball cups/glasses/dishes etc
  • Tupperware
  • baskets & most stemware
  • computers, printers etc (unless new)
  • bowling balls
  • skis, ski poles & boots etc.

There are many other items that we may turn away that are not listed. We may also turn away items that we have listed as “accepted items” depending on the condition.


We will try unsold items two different auctions and if still unsold we will donate your items to the second-hand store, or you can pick them up.

Need Fast Cash?

We Can Pay You Outright OR We Have Buyers For Your Items Here Every Friday Night!
No Need To Pawn Something and No Need To Ship - We Have Live people here with cash in hand every Friday night - call for details


Auctioneer: Troy Hughes


Our regular consignment receiving days are Monday from 10-4 and & Saturday from 10-12. We can accept on Tuesdays IF WE HAVE SPACE! Please call before arriving to confirm we have space.
We can always make arrangements for an appointment outside of business hours if necessary.

We will only be accepting merchandise that is in good, clean working order and ready for sale.

No garage sale leftovers will be accepted as we only want to present merchandise that we know our buyers are looking for.


Our commission rates are on a sliding scale. PER ITEM!

  • 35% for $0.01 to $10.00.
  • 30% for $10.01 to $99.00
  • 25% for $100.00 - $500.00
  • 20% for $501.00-$1000.00
  • 15% for $1001.00-2500.00
  • 10% for $ 2501.00-9999.99
  • **Commissions negotiable for volume sellers, collections, guns, gold, silver, jewelry, coins etc.**

We also have a 10% buyers premium for cash/Debit or Check and 13% for credit.

Checks will be ready EVERY TUESDAY FROM 12-4 following each auction. You can pick up the check or it will automatically be mailed. We also offer buy out/cash options. 

We Can Pay Right Away

We Buy Out Estates!
We can pay you cash NOW for your items!

Consignments are always welcome!

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