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OLD POST- Our EPIC 1000 gun auction was a complete success! We made national news!! This has been a very amazing & crazy ride. We are so grateful to the consigners for making this happen for us! We could not have made this auction a success without Best BUY SURPLUS!!! They rocked! Their team was off the hook!

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO OUR FAMILY!!! They all stepped up, giving up their free time to help over and over at the auction, with child care Etc.

Reina & James , Ellie Harrison, Martin & Mary, Tiana & Kyle, Linda & Jon Pol, Mike Ferguson, Troy Hughes, Sarah Sullivan, Taylor & Jared, Kyle & Madison, Aunt Jen, Tom-S.O.S, Jared Jackson, Kelli Lemley and more!!! Please forgive me if I missed anyone my head is still spinning…

Additional thanks to so many other family members, friends and customers that offered to help!!!

Thanks to these specific businesses-

Krem 2 News, Kxly News, Q6 News, Spokesman Review, Coeurd’Alene Press, Usa Today, Upscale Mail, Atomic threads, Post falls Computer and more!!!

We are planning to roll another gun auction in a few months. We learned A LOT this round to better next time!!

Thank you to everyone that attended, helped and supported!! We greatly appreciate ALL of you!!!

Premier Team 😉